Terms & Conditions

     1. Changes to classes and enrolment:

1. Class times are subject to change at the discretion of management.
2. Class can be cancelled if landlord needs access to the studio for a very short period of time. Notive will be given and My Little Plyaground will offer a refund of the cancelled class or a make-up class if possible.

     2. Teachers:

1. My Little Playground engages industry based professionals to instruct classes. At times scheduled teachers may not be available and as such an alternative teacher of equal or greater qualification will replace the scheduled teacher. Due to the nature of the entertainment industry and the high standard of teachers employed at My Little Playground, teachers may rotate and change at the discretion of management.

     2. Duty of care, safety & conduct

1. Please be aware that due to the nature of dance and for your child’s growth, development and safety it will be necessary at times to engage in physical contact with your child. This will always be done in an appropriate manner and with your son or daughter’s best interests in mind.

2. My Little Playground provides for the safety and care of students whilst on the premises however we are not a registered childcare facility and parents/guardians must remain on the premises at all times.

3. My Little Playground aims to take reasonable care to ensure their acts of omissions do not cause reasonable foreseeable injury to students.

4. My Little Playground does not accept responsibility for student’s safety outside the premises.

5. My Little Playground and its service providers attempt to minimize any risk of personal injury within practical boundaries, however accidents do happen and all physical activities carry the risk of personal injury.

6. All students and guardians acknowledge that while every care and safety measure will be taken, there is an inherent risk of personal injury in physical activities that will be undertaken at the studio as part of the programme and accept that risk.

     3. Damages

1. The signatory will be financially responsible for any damage sustained to My Little Playground’s property, venues and their fittings by the student or their guardian. Management will charge the signatory for any repairs, labour or replacement as deemed necessary.

     4. Responsibility

1. My Little Playground does not accept responsibility for the damage or loss of goods left on the premises prior to, during or after dance classes.

2. The student and their guardian are solely responsible for their personal belongings and property whilst left on the premises.

3. The student and their guardian release My Little Playground, their staff, instructors, agents and directors from any responsibility in any way for loss or dance of its personal belongings or property.

     5. Photos and videos

1. From time to time we will take photos of students in class. These will be used to send to you to update you on your child’s progress.

2. By enrolling your child in My Little Playground you acknowledge that photos and videos may be taken and used for this purpose.

3. My Little Playground may also take photos for advertising purposes to be used on social media, websites and print. We will only ever use photos of your child provided we have your prior consent.

4. You may withdraw consent at any time by written notice to management.

5. We reserve the right to request no photos or videos be taken by parents/guardians in class.

     6. Additional Charges:

1. Any goods or services provided on the day that are not included in the dance class fee must be paid for at the completion of the dance class (e.g. Uniform).

     7. Breach of Terms and Conditions

1. Pupils will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions or for any other serious misconduct.