We are little but we can do so big

Hello little hipsters,

This is Julie and this is my first post here and a precious one. As some of you may know, I take pictures during the classes. These are meant to be sold to your family (£2 first picture, £1 the following ones) and at the end of this term, I will donate half of the benefits of these pictures to the UNICEF: https://www.unicef.org.uk/

I am a Mom and my heart aches just thinking of all the little ones trying to survive instead of enjoying being little.

At My Little Playground, we may be little but we can do so big.

Did you know that just donating £5 monthly could help to provide life-saving food for a week, to bring a malnourished Syrian child back to health? Or a payment of £75 could buy exercise books for 180 children and pencils for a whole school?

This is huge help for them so have a look at the pictures I take, they are filled with cuteness and fun and can help a child in needs to be happy too.

Also do not worry, the photos are not meant to be used for any promotional materials, unless asked and agreed with the parents.

Thank you so much,


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